some time / some times / sometime / sometimes

很多同學混淆這四個表達方式, 其實它們非常容易區分:

some 表示「一些」或「某一個」, time 不可數名詞表示「時間」, 可數名詞表示「次數」或「時間點」, 於是:

some time = 一些時間 (Mary said it would need some time.)
some times = 一些次數, 幾次, 若干次 (Mary has been to Tokyo for some times.)


sometime = 在某個時間點 (I saw Jim sometime in April. | Let’s go swimming sometime.)
替換詞: at some time, at some point, someday (僅指「在未來的某一天」), one day

sometimes = 在某些時間點, 時不時 (Jim goes to the beach sometimes.)
替換詞: from time to time, at times, occasionally, now and then

它們都是副詞, 作時間狀語.

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