Four Words You May Pronounce Incorrectly

My observation, four words many advanced English learners in China pronounce incorrectly are

[February]: ❌ Feb-roo-er-y. ✅ The first letter R should be omitted — that is, “Feb-u-we-ry.”

[comfortable]: ❌ Com-four-tuh-ble. ✅ The letters OR should be omitted, and an R sound should be added to the letter A, even though no R is there — namely, something like “Comf-ter-ble.”

[organization]: ❌ or-gä-naī-Zay-shuhn. ✅ Both the first A and I should be reduced to “uh” — it sounds like “or-guh-nuh-Zay-shuhn.”

[asked]: ❌ /æskt/. ✅ K should be silent — simply /æst/ (no K sound).

Emm… It’s absolutely interesting to listen to Chinese users speak English on the Clubhouse app. 🤔 Let’s extend our middle fingers to the divorced spelling and pronunciation of English words.

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