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COLD Zone, stylized coldżone, is an educative website launched by Jason Shew (aka Head of coldżone). COLD stands for cultivating optimum linguistic dexterity (which is also the tagline), and coldżone is a place (zone) where he stows randomly penned and systematically compiled materials – both original and reposted pieces – about English language learning and acquisition. The site title and tagline are in small letters so that it does not look like a commercial brand born to impress. The little overdot of the letter ż, which is borrowed from the Polish alphabet, just reminds you to type the domain name (coldz.one) correctly. Also, this newly engineered site was made during the coldest months in early 2020 in Canada, which is literally a cold zone in winter. Thus, coldżone can also be interpreted as a place in Canada 1 where English language studies are conducted.

寒帶言究所,寫作 coldżone,是 Jason Shew (寒帶言究所之所長) 發佈的教育網站。「寒」(cold)為本站口號「cultivating optimum linguistic dexterity」(為語言的極致純熟而耕耘)英文的首字母縮寫;「帶」(zone)指本站這個地盤;「言究所」意為「語言研究的場所」。所長將關於英語習得的即興創造的以及系統編撰的資料 – 包括原創的和轉載的 – 貯存在這個地盤上。網站名稱和口號在英文中都是小寫字母,這樣看起來不會像是一個高調的商業品牌。從波蘭語字母表中借來的字母 ż 上面的小圓點是要提醒你正確輸入本站的域名(coldz.one)。同時,這個新版的網站是於 2020 年初的寒冬在加拿大創立的,而冬天的加拿大是名符其實的「寒帶」,所以對「寒帶言究所」的另一種解讀可以是「位於加拿大 2 的一個從事英語語言研究的場所」。

Considering the length of his teaching career (since 2005), there should be massive amounts of information on this site. But mind you, it was only one or two years ago that the thought of developing such a website crossed his mind, even though he began to digitize his materials in 2009. Taking care of a website consumes time, and managing a bilingual site takes even more. Please be patient while the content is mounting.

鑒於所長教學生涯的長度(自從 2005 年至今),本站應該呈現海量內容。但你要知道,把這些內容放在網站上也只是這一兩年才有的想法(儘管從 2009 年起所長已開始實現資料電子化)。打理一個網站是非常耗時的,尤其是一個中英雙語網站。所以在網站內容逐漸豐富的過程中,請保持耐心。

Jason is fully aware that some English learners may find it challenging to read a large chunk of content in English. He has made Google Translate available from the sidebar (on mobile devices it’s located at the bottom), but machine translation services are far from perfect as of today. As such, Jason is trying his very best to create content in both English and Chinese. But he apologizes for inability to publish everything in two languages. Oftentimes only an English version is available. If you are able to provide a Chinese version, please comment on a post. Your contribution will be credited when adopted.


If you’d like to connect with Jason, please select Contact under Misc from the menu.


Last but not least, here is the copyright information:


All graphic, audio, and video materials as well as text on this site were created and/or edited by Jason Shew, except where otherwise noted. All original content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 Canada License.

在沒有特殊說明的情況下,本站的所有圖像、音頻、視頻、以及文字資料都是由 Jason Shew 本人創作(製作)和 / 或編輯的。本站的所有原創內容的授權協議:Creative Commons 署名–非商業性使用–禁止演繹 2.5 加拿大(CC BY-NC-ND 2.5 CA)

Source of the current site header image 當前本站橫幅圖像來源:getyourguide.com

  1. Despite this location, American spellings are adopted on this site to cater to most test takers among ESL/EFL students. 
  2. 儘管位於加拿大,但本站採用美式拼寫以方便大部分要參加各類考試的英語學習者。